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  • Content Created by India’s biggest experts from top institutes
  • Chapterwise mapping to the CBSE Board
  • New-Age teaching methodologies

World Class K12 Content

AI powered
Ed- tools

School Management System



Future Ready

World Class K12 Content

AI powered Ed- tools

School Management System

Teacher Empowerment​

Student Development

Future Ready courses

One Of India’s Largest K10 Content Libraries





(Higher order thinking test bank)




Ed5 Study Kits

Future ready courses

Courses have been carefully designed and structured according to the academic levels

  • Basic for 6th – 8th Grades
  • Intermediate for 9th – 10th Grades
  • Advance for 11th – 12th grades



Data Science

Aeronautics & Drones



School Management System

All delivered via

Admin management

Performance monitoring

Activities management

Ed5 AI Engine Powered Ed-Tools

Automated Curriculum Planner

  • Efficient lesson & curriculum scheduling for the entire year
  • Complete monitoring of whether a school is on track or not
  • Take the required actions based on the teacher’s curriculum pendency


  • Mood meter analyzes how students & teachers are feeling everyday
  • System detects early signs of issues and enables timely support
  • A highly crucial tool that connects students and teachers with the necessary resources for intervention

Facial Recognition automated attendance

  • Capture full class attendance in one tab Click
  • Advanced facial recognition matches faces with enrolled students in the database
  • Automated system that enables saving time and reducing errors

automated performance based & missed lecture remedials

  • Generates personalised recommendations for every student
  • Teachers plan targeted remedial classes, enhancing learning and performance
  • Teachers can easily focus on 1:1 teaching instead of a high student-teacher ratio

OMR : Automated Evaluations for teachers

  • OMR technology automates assessments, simplifying grading
  • Teachers assigns bubble answer sheets, students mark answers 
  • Software calculates scores, providing instant and accurate results

doubt solving

  • Instant help for specific doubts, independent learning
  • Exam prep is made easy with Doubt Solver’s quick answers
  • Fill learning gaps and boost confidence with AI support

AI Based Assessment Generator

  • Create smartly designed assessments in minutes, not hours
  • Save teachers 220+ hours per year with our AI tools
  • Multiple formats including CBSE NCERT-Mapped 

personalised adaptive testing

  • These cutting-edge tests adapt themselves as per the students attempts
  • Gives tailor-made learning opportunities per student
  • PAT identifies areas requiring improvement and offers tools to fill knowledge gaps
  • Teachers benefit from PAT by understanding student struggles and adjusting lessons accordingly

Skill identification & grouping recommendations

  • Focuses on new age skills like critical thinking, cognitive skills, creativity, psychomotor skills, etc.
  • Specialised automated assessments for identifying these skills
  • Prepares the student for the future by creating problem solvers based on real-time examples

Ed5 AI Engine: A futuristic easy to use solution for performance improvement.

Powered by artificial intelligence that automates repetitive tasks, creates subtopic wise personalised learning & teaching recommendations, enhances skill building through real time analytics & feedback mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ed5 is a holistic hybrid learning platform for future-ready digital schools, and all of its pedagogy is aligned with NEP 2020. We provide world-class content and teaching tools with a built-in AI engine for student development & teacher empowerment.

Ed5 revolutionises skills, personality, academics, and behaviour by applying DEEP TECH, which streamlines the learning process.

ERP and LMS modules are created in a way that records instructors’ attendance, teaching methodology, evaluates the impact of teaching, and furthermore assists in empowering teachers in adaptive teaching by offering a variety of teaching tools.

With the aid of our high-quality videos, mind maps, notes, and performance monitoring tools, Ed5 offers students a modern blended classroom experience that helps them comprehend concepts in a better way. These AI based evaluation systems also encourage students to focus on the subjects in which they are weak.

Instructors are provided with a variety of teaching resources, including PPTs, mind maps, 2D and 3D animated video lectures, past exam papers, e-books, and hundreds of multiple-choice questions, which empower teachers and serve as excellent content libraries while also cutting down on unproductive time.

Ed5 employs a distinctive method of adaptive teaching and learning that is experiential, inquisitive, exploratory, evaluative, holistic, integrated, entertaining, and engaging and helps the school become NEP compliant.

Ed5 offers a special tool for fee management that automatically notifies parents when fees are overdue and also gives schools access to a dashboard that shows the fees’ status.

A thorough training programme offered by Ed5 is followed by coaching visits, observational visits, monthly follow-ups, and teacher training sessions, all of which will assist the instructors in handling the curriculum in the proper sequence and manner.

Every school powered by Ed5 will have a dedicated Success Manager whom they may contact for any information.

Our entire content is uploaded in the tab for easy access and the teacher could display the resources like videos, PPT’s ,etc on the TV in the classroom thus helping the students and teachers. In case the class rooms are equipped with smart boards and have wifi connectivity, then the teachers could use the resources directly from the ERP to explain to the students.

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